Time to get your shirt off.
Scottish First Minister and Krankie lookalike Nicola Sturgeon has just announced a new Scottish referendum on independence from the UK, connected to the radical changes that Britain will face as it exits the EU.

The last Scottish poll on independence was very narrowly defeated in 2014 in the face of severe economic blackmail from the UK, the EU, and globalist banking interests. But since then Brexit happened. Now Sturgeon can claim that because of the radical changes this will produce, and the fact that 62% of Scottish voters voted to stay in the EU, a new poll on independence is justified.

Sturgeon's action was prompted by both houses of the UK Parliament finally green lighting Brexit, preparing the way for UK PM Theresa May to officially launch the 2-year exit process that is embodied in Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, which defines the terms of EU membership. 

Article 50 will be invoked before the end of this month and could even be launched within 24 hours.

In response Sturgeon has called for a referendum on Scottish independence to be held between the autumn of next year, 2018, and the spring of 2019.

Support for Scottish independence has been lagging recently, but the confusion and chaos that could be unleashed by the hard Brexit process could play into Sturgeon's hands, especially as the Conservative Party that is now dominant in the UK Parliament remains unpopular in Scotland.

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  1. She looks like Merkel & Probably going to take Scotland down the same path as the Germans.

  2. Leave the UK and join the EU!? I still don't get it.

  3. Without the UK....Scotland will wither and die. The world will not recognize her.