We must never celebrate the death of anyone (with certain exceptions), so it is sad to see that Carrie Fisher has died. She is famous as the rather limited actress who was a bit stale and wooden in the role of Princess Leia in the first three Star Wars films. Because of the enormous fame of that series, she likewise became famous far above her talents.

As with nearly all celebrities - and Jewish ones especially - she espoused hard liberal left opinions, the perfect accompaniment to the glitzy and decadent Hollywood lifestyle, that, in her case, led towards the unhealthy habit of overeating. Weight issues are said to have been a major factor in the heart attack that killed her.

As a Hollywood Liberal, she naturally hated Trump, and had the usual slew of Leftist bromides for political opinions.

In the weeks before she died, she was waging an unhinged Twitter war against Donald Trump, claiming that some minor sniffles he had were the result of a coke habit. Her reaction to "PussyGate" was also typical smug, leftist boilerplate:
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