The Chinese have something called "The Mandate of Heaven," an idea that a ruler is only a ruler by the grace of Heaven. It was an integral idea in Chinese political history, especially when dynasties changed and the new leader had to be legitimized -- and the old order delegitimized.

This was done by drawing attention to the important role played by fortune or some other important supernatural aspect, such as the remarkable virility or genius, of the ascendant ruler.

So, it is not surprising that the Chinese people have discerned some of these elements in the rise of Donald Trump -- an unprecedented, dynasty-smashing event by a uniquely potent individual who seems to have overcome enormous odds, simply because he enjoys "the Mandate of Heaven."

There is no doubt that the Chinese people are now in awe of Trump and America, and furthermore, that they view outgoing President, Barack Obama, as the tail-end of a weakened and discredited regime -- a kind of slave eunuch "emperor" of a dynasty on whom the Gods stopped smiling years ago.

The new respect that the Chinese now feel for America and Trump is expressed in odd and unusual ways that Westerners will find difficult to understand and will in fact misunderstand. But one expression of this feeling is a giant statue of a rooster with Trump characteristics that recently appeared at a shopping centre in the city of Taiyuan in Shanxi province. 

2017, the year when Trump becomes President is of course the Year of the Rooster in the Chinese 12-year zodiac. The rooster is of course associated with loud crowing and a new dawn, so it is an entirely fitting totem for Trump. 

Hail Trump! Hail Victory! Hail 2017!

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