Xmas Chicago style
The great achievement of Soros-funded hate group #BlackLivesMatter has been to get police to tread softly in Black neighbourhoods. 

Well, how is that working out? Reports from Chicago suggests that it has essentially green-lighted gangsterism with a sharp increase in Black-on-Black shootings, giving a particular irony to the name of the anti-police group, as clearly Black lives are the last thing to matter to them. Indeed, one wonders if BLM is in fact a covert Alt-Right group.

From the New York Post:
Chicago’s yearlong shooting rampage picked up steam over Christmas weekend, leaving 61 people shot, 11 fatally. Seven were killed on Christmas Day alone, more than on the three previous Christmases combined, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Gangbangers targeted each other’s holiday gatherings as if in deliberate mockery of the season. Two young girls were shot while sitting in a van at 11:30 p.m. Monday by a presumed gang rival of the younger one’s father.

So far this year, 4,334 people have been shot in Chicago: one person every two hours. Almost all the victims have been black. The police have shot 25 people, virtually all armed or otherwise dangerous — less than .6 percent of the total. That disparity between civilian and police shootings hasn’t stopped local Black Lives Matter activists from continuing to claim that it’s the cops who are the biggest threat facing Chicago’s young black men today.
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  1. The BLM (Blacks Like Murder)should be sued by the civil rights commission and civil laws. Remember when the KKK used to occasionally kill a black?? All hell broke lose in the media. If a black died of natural causes "the Klan got him". So the feds let everyone who said they were attacked by the Klan or threatened by them sue them. The Klan was always in court even when there was no evidence they did anything; just the word of a humanzee who said they were looked at meanly by a Klan member. All of these suits like to have killed the Klan. Well,...why can't a white person hurt by the BLM or even threatened by the BLM sue them? Why can't whites sue the NAACP or any other organization that they feel are hindering their constitutional rights? It is because the Fed courts will not take your claims because you do not have the rights of black people. This will change.