Rabbi Schlomo Amar
An undercover program by Channel 10, an Israeli TV channel, has revealed that some Rabbis in Israel are moving towards permitting polygamy in an attempt to boost Jewish birthrates in an effort to protect Israel's decreasing Jewish majority. The undercover program found out that the rabbinate has been actively encouraging polygamy, a practice that goes against current Israeli law, by finding moral loopholes.

One rabbi, married for 26 years, was filmed persuading a single woman to become his second wife. He told his prospective bride...
If your parents ask you why you don’t marry like everyone else, tell them that it is a mitzvah [religious commandment] and I want to do a mitzvah.
The rabbi also showed the reporter a letter, written on official government stationery and signed by the Jerusalem Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, giving him permission to marry a second wife and granting him the authorization from the Supreme Rabbinical Court.

Although effectively a Jewish state, Israel is only 75% Jewish, with an Arab Muslim population of around 20%. This is in Israel itself and does not include the occupied territories of the West Bank, where millions more Arabs live. 

For many years the Arab birthrate in Israel has been higher than the Jewish birthrate, but was recently reported to be on par at  3.13 per woman. The birthrate among West Bank Arabs remains above 4 children per women.
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