Sad news indeed. One of the true heroes of White Nationalism passed away this week, dying in his sleep from a suspected heart attack. This was 43-year-old Lee O'Denat, known to his homies as "Q."

O'Denat was an unlikely hero of White Nationalism but in 2005 he founded the website WorldStarHipHop, and started posting mixtapes, hip-hop mash-ups, and other videos, in the process "red pilling" millions of Whites.

Among the other videos were a large number of fight videos, usually shot on cheap cell phones. Some of these showed Black-on-White assaults (usually several Blacks against one White), while others focused on day-to-day dysfunction in Black neighbourhoods. These usually revealed African Americans -- both male and female -- fighting brutally over trivialities, pulling out each other's weaves, trashing their neighbourhoods, and generally "chimping out" without much provocation. Other videos showed primitivistic dance crazes centred around fat female buttocks.

While these videos proved to have a lot of entertainment value for people of all races, creeds, and colours, they became an important source of "red pilling" for those White people deprived of the privilege of living close to Blacks and lied to by a mainstream media bent on presenting a false picture of race relations. 

Lee's work helped to spread the White (and to a lesser degree the Black) nationalist message that separation of the two races was probably for the best. 

The boost that WorldStarHipHop gave to nationalist narratives in its 12-year history is simply incalculable. With his death, White Nationalism has lost one of its greatest promoters.
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  1. Oh sheit! O'Denat beez cool!"

  2. You ain's just whistlin' "Dixie."