Progress. Most members of the public will assume this was not drawn by a rabbi.
Back in November, there was an outcry when a spate of Swastika graffiti attacks swept the USA. The cause of the consternation however was not that people were drawing Swastikas, but the fact that they were clearly not drawing them well enough. This was a problem because it raised questions about their genuineness. After all, if there is one thing even a dumb Neo-Nazi can do it is draw a swastika with relative ease and grace. 

Rabbi-drawn swastikas before the lessons.
The spate of badly drawn swastikas was giving the game away and letting the public know that these were fake "hate crimes" designed to stir up sympathy for Jews and non-Whites and confirm the Lugenpresse narrative that Trump's election was stoking up "race hatred."

Because of this, the ADL and SPLC sprang into action and immediately organized Swastika drawing classes for the team of Rabbis and Black Lives Matters members who had been drawing the clearly inept swastikas. 

Now, thanks to these efforts, we can reveal that the quality of swastikas daubed in the middle of the night by "pretend Nazis" on Jewish community centres and Black churches has greatly improved. In fact, the SPLC is so proud of the improvement in quality that they have even put an example of this improved swastika workmanship on their webpage. Professional swastika critics, however, still point to a lack of confidence in the brushstrokes for the more recent swastikas that betray their fakeness. 
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