The UK's Daily Star is running with the story of a coming race war between Europeans and Muslims in the years ahead. The prediction of an impending war was made by the American think-tank, the Washington Institute.

In a report it published it said: 
"The Crusades began with a rumour of defilement. In 1095, Pope Urban II denounced the Muslims as 'a race utterly alienated from God. This is exactly how Islam's leaders are demonising the West in the 21st."
It argued that the at some point "the crusade" will begin, but this time it "would be a Muslim one" as "its advance scouts are already at work in Europe."

Frankly this kind of grim prediction is part of the wallpaper and chintz curtains here in the Alt-Right, a fixed feature that we are all familiar with and accepted long ago. The only point of interest, therefore, is who, outside the Alt-Right, comes up with these predictions and why.

The Washington Institute is actually an AIPAC mouthpiece, seeking to present the partisan Zionist agenda of Israel as the neutral opinion of foreign policy "experts." So, what we have here is an attempt by Zionists to stoke up fears of Muslims in Europe at a greatly accelerated rate. The Daily Star, it should be said, is Jewish-owned, belonging to porn billionaire Richard Desmond, who is also a major donor to UKIP. 

This year is an important one in Europe with several key elections featuring pro-Zionist civic nationalist parties, such as Geert Wilders' Freedom Party in Holland and Marine Le Pen's Front National in France. 

Entrenched Jewish interests have clearly come to the conclusion that their old allies, the European soft Left parties, with their agenda of condemning overseas wars and seeking alliances with Muslims, is no longer "good for the Jews." 

Now Pro-Israel civic nationalist parties are seen as the way forward. Pushing fears of a coming war in Europe between natives and Muslims can only help their preferred parties, while also helping to shut out true ethno-nationalist parties, which are still perceived as a threat to Jewish power and interests.

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