They shouldn't oughta have messed with his Mom's "beautiful mixed-use facility" in downtown Whitefish.
Richard Spencer used to be such a nice, polite guy, more interested in Heidegger, eggnog, bookmarks, and chatting about Batman. But since the Left attacked his family in Whitefish, a change has come over him. 

He now looks tougher, darker, and more ready for a punch-up. To use one of the Bond analogies that he used to love in his more innocent youth, he has gone from being Roger Moore (Bond-lite) to Sean Connery (Bond-heavy), a louring panther of a man.

Now it appears that Spencer is "off the leash" and prowling the streets of Washington, looking for trouble, and intimidating any antifa or Alt-Lite cucks he comes across, including those attending Mike Cernovitch's "Deploraball" party to celebrate Trump's victory. 

Bill Mitchell, a cheerleader for Trump who once claimed to be Alt-Right before actually checking what the term meant, and one of the invitees to the "Deploraball" just tweeted that he had a narrow escape from a glowering Spencer bent on Fascist street violence:
While the Alt-Lite cucks cower in their safe spaces, the streets of Washington now seem to belong to Richard Spencer.

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  1. #CuckBase You got that right- Botox filled, Neo-Con butthole.