The pile of articles deploring the White man, calling for his extinction, and celebrating his imminent demise continues to increase. 

The latest is this cheery piece by David Rothkopf the Jewish CEO and editor of Foreign Policy magazine, entitled "The End of an Era...for White Males," which has lines like this:
"White men have had a great run. From the rise of the Greeks to the birth of Western-based global empires, they have controlled much of the world or sought to: So much of history is a consequence of decisions made by—and at the behest of—the white guys in charge."

"...the status quo of the past several millennia is going to undergo a profound change. In Europe alone, the influx of migrants and refugees is already producing irreversible demographic shifts—a great blending of cultures.

But by mid-century in the United States, the former majority population will be a minority: The majority, according to demographers, will be nonwhite. By that time, Europe will include massive populations from Africa and the Middle East, as well as Asia. This is to say that by 2050 white men will be the ones checking the 'other' box on census forms."
Ha ha! Reduced to a minority in their own f**kin' country. Gloat! Gloat! Smug! Smug!

Then, like a typical Cultural Marxist, Rothkopf rolls out the psychoanalytical stigmatization schtick first pioneered by those lovely people in the Frankfurt School:
"A shrink I knew once said that if a reaction is out of proportion with its alleged cause, then there's a piece of the story that has been omitted. In this case, the politicians in America and Europe who spew nationalist bile and fan the flames of anti-immigrant furor are tapping into a growing if unconscious cultural recognition that time is running out on what has been the world’s most privileged ethnic class."
Bile-spewing politicians? I wonder who this "neutral expert" means there?

Rothkopf presents this change to a non-White world as a pure positive with a classic piece of Leftist boilerplate:
"The second key lesson is that there is an alternative to 'other' and that is 'all.' Rather than focusing on our differences as the smallest and most dangerous of our political leaders have done, the real leaders for this new era will distinguish themselves by focusing not just on the social diversity that makes great nations, but on the truth and wondrous benefits of the diversity that actually lives within us all."

One has to seriously wonder whether this guy is actually trying to LARP as the worst White Nationalist cliche of the malevolent Jew ever.
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