The world is changing. We are slowly reversing two thousand years of decline. 

Like most decline, ours has not been absolute. It happens in stops and starts, in little increments, working inward from the details. It's like getting the flu during a busy work week: on Monday, you sneeze (once). Tuesday the eyes water. Wednesday morning you feel a little off, but have a sudden burst of energy. Wednesday afternoon it looks like a cold. Thursday you're a wreck. 

Despite the relative density of most people, more and more of the people who make crucial decisions are noticing that a wrong turn occurred in the past. When you take a wrong turn, you re-trace your steps and go back to where you made the wrong decision, and then fix it, preferably without undoing anything positive you've done since that time. 

We live in a society of people drugged on the progressive vision that says greater year numbers and greater permissiveness go hand-in-hand, and mean that we're getting somewhere. These will try to tell you that changing anything we do to a version from the past is a defeat, but they've obviously never trailblazed any woods. When you take the wrong course, the sooner you fix it and get back to the old course, the more you win.

Decline is universal to civilization. Without civilization, it does not occur; however, without civilization, a lot of great things do not occur as well. Some want us to undo civilization and go back to anarchy or primitive existences. That's neat, but it represents a denial of potential in us. Technology is not per se bad, but in the hands of a dying civilization, it's misused — just like every other tool of that society is misused. 

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