A rootless cosmopolitan considers moving on.
Just a reminder of what really happened in last year's Brexit vote.  Yes, the official number was that 52% voted for it, so it kinda looks close, but the fact is that this 52% was despite a couple of major distorting factors. 

First, months and months of "gas lighting" by the combined mass media, led by the Leftist Globalist BBC, and fully supported by all the main political parties, assisted by banking and big business, who were not shy making threats of "economic chaos" to cajole the British public to vote like sheep.

Then, when the sheep showed signs of wolvish rebellion, there was a last desperate act to change the tide with the shooting of a "nice, young female" MP by a man, whom we were all led to believe was a "British nationalist."  

That was just a couple of days before the vote, and, yes, it might have been a random act of violence by a madman, or it could have been something a lot more sinister. Whatever it was, it pushed down the Brexit vote by a good 10%, adding to the effects of months and months of dishonest media gaslighting.

Let's be clear, on a level playing field, Brexit would have scored around 80-85%. So, when an obvious "cosmopolitan" Gina Miller -- a racial cocktail born in Guyana and connected to the shady world of hedge funds -- suddenly popped up and managed to get a court ruling interfering with the will of the people, it was only to be expected that she would become something of a hate figure.

Now there are reports that she is thinking of doing her own Brexit -- a "GinaMexit," let's say -- by leaving the UK, after receiving a welter of death threats and abusive mail and telephone calls. 

In fact, police are now investigating 22 separate cases of intimidation of the 51-year-old former model, who successfully challenged the authority of the government to invoke Article 50 without first getting a vote from the generally EU-supporting MPs in parliament.

Miller told the Sunday Mirror:
"We've had graphic letters where they've taken the time to cut and paste images of me being shot, beheaded, gang raped...They send very long messages on email or through LinkedIn. One person put a £5,000 bounty on my head for me to be run over...They have this idea that I’m not human – I should be beheaded, or I should 'go back to slavery."
The Guyanese-born businesswoman also reported that people scream and shout at her on the phone and follow her to work in the morning. She said she doesn't want to leave the UK, where she has lived since she was 10, but admitted that she might have to for the safety of her children.

This is all terribly sad -- the poor woman! This is no way to behave towards opponents, no matter how much they try to shit on our democracy. But I can't help thinking she may be making most of it up. After all, these are the kind of tactics Leftists use, not people who love their own country.

But although Gina won the court decision and won praise in her little liberal bubble, the court case is ultimately meaningless because both the main political parties seem to know the score, namely that the narrow Brexit result hides the true depth of support for Brexit. To oppose Brexit would therefore be political suicide and both parties are worried about exiting the political system as a consequence, or "Polexit".
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