Earmarked for destruction
Despite English people thoughtfully deciding to have fewer children to reduce human impact on the environment, England's population keeps growing thanks to an influx of migrants. 

Now the government has announced plans to start building entirely new towns and villages across England's once pristine landscape, which, until now, has largely been inhabited by cute, anthropomorphized woodland animals like Peter Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh, Toad, Mole, and Ratty.

These green and lush areas will be bulldozed aside and their inhabitants reduced to cat food and sausage meat in order to boost Britain's capacity to accommodate hordes of new migrants:
The first wave of garden villages planned to create tens of thousands of new homes in England has been given the go-ahead.

Ministers have backed 14 bids across the country that will develop new communities with between 1,500 and 10,000 properties.

Larger scale garden towns in Aylesbury, Bucks, Taunton in Somerset and Harlow and Gilston, on the Essex-Herts border, have also been signed off by the Government.

The plans are expected to create a series of new communities with green spaces, good transport links and high quality affordable homes to help tackle the country’s housing crisis.
Initially, the towns and villages will serve as expensive refugee camps for "White flight" Brits, escaping from cities and towns that are being "enriched" by non-White mass immigration. This will have a dual benefit of releasing housing stock in those cities for even more immigrants brought in by chain migration, while also driving up property prices in formerly rural parts of Britain that will now enter the housing market for the first time. 

This should help boost the UK economy which is largely based on maintaining high property prices through overpopulation and laundering Arab money. 

English people moving into these villages will be required to do two jobs each in order to pay the mortgages and the taxation necessary to support the welfare needs of migrants moving into their vacated homes in the enriched areas. This will also ensure they don't breed and thus free up even more property for migrants when they die. 

Well done Theresa May for coming up with such a great scheme for keeping the UK economy buoyant in these difficult times. 

The animals contemplate their future - or a lack of one.
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