Madonna: Like a Vergin' (on the insane)

80s pop has-been and world famous "cum dumpster" Madonna has spoken out about her pain at Donald Trump's election victory in an interview with Bazaar, a shit glossy mag for women on the turn. 

In the interview she also revealed that she had used a Satanic mixture of Islamic and Kabalistic mumbo jumbo in a pathetic deluded attempt to stump the Trump. 

Dabbling with the Black Arts? Why should she care? Her ticket for Hell is already booked:
"On election night I was sitting at a table with my agent, who is also one of my very best friends, and we were truly praying. We were praying. She was on her computer. She's friends with someone who was working on Hillary [Clinton]'s campaign and was getting blow-by-blow reports, and at one point she was like, 'It's not looking good.' It was just like watching a horror show. And then she was reading from the Quran, and I was reading from the Zohar. We were doing everything: lighting candles, meditating, praying, offering our lives to God forever, if only. I went to sleep, and since that night, I wake up every morning and it's like when you break up with somebody who has really broken your heart. You wake up and for a second you're just you, and then you go, 'Oh, the person I love more than anything has just broken my heart, and I'm devastated and I'm broken and I have nothing. I'm lost.' That's how I feel every morning. I wake up and I go, 'Wait a second. Donald Trump is the president. It's not a bad dream. It really happened.' It's like being dumped by a lover and also being stuck in a nightmare."
Dumped by a lover, or used as a cum dumpster? Guess she knows both those feels pretty well. 
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