Daily Mirror Tries to Add to his Woes

The Daily Mirror newspaper has given out the personal details of vlogger Millennial Woes, including his name, age and hometown. This is accompanied by a photograph of a family member's house, where Woes has stayed. This, coupled with the invective spewed out by the Mirror reporter, can only be read as an incitement to violence.

Leftist terrorists attacked a nationalist meeting on Saturday and, along with the Mirror's extreme left-wing bias, it has links to such groups through its partnership with militant Communist cell Hope Not Hate, whose head, Nick Lowles was awarded an MBE in the New Year's Honours List. Lowles has previously worked with convicted criminal, Communist and Jewish supremacist Gerry Gable at Searchlight.

The article, written by Alan McEwen and Stephen Jones, because it takes two to write one article at the Daily Mirror, uses epithets like "vile racist", "sick unknown" and "pathetic white supremacist", designed to whip up hatred against their target. Woes has always categorically denied being a white supremacist and advocated the right to peaceful separate existence for all ethnic groups. This again shows the level of dishonesty of the Lügenpresse.

Yet the comments section reveals massive support for Woes, in spite of the obvious lies the reporters have come out with, where everyone they allegedly met was against him. Again, it shows that the freedom of the press acts against freedom of speech for the ordinary man in the street.

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  1. This needs mass condemnation. The reporters need reporting to the police. If a formal complaint is made, then the police are duty bound to investigate it. They do not know who else is inside that house. It's incitement.

  2. Isn't doxxing illegal??? Why is it okay for some reporter to do this? That terrible...

  3. Albionic American10 January 2017 at 10:49

    Notice that how nothing of the sort ever happens to libertarians, like, say, Ron Paul.

    Has anyone in authority or his proxies accused, say, Ron Paul, of "hate speech"? Threatened members of his family? Caused him to lose jobs? Tried to disrupt or cancel his public appearances? Banned him from entering certain countries? Pressured him to humiliate himself publicly by renouncing his own beliefs?

    Of course not. Paul has attacked safe targets like the Federal Reserve System where our elites don't feel vulnerable. He can say anything he wants about the Fed, short of addressing the JQ, because he knows his criticisms will bounce off and not inconvenience his comfortable life.

    By contrast, figures on the Alt Right like Richard Spencer, Emily Youcis and now Woes have faced the beginnings of real persecution because they have identified the exact areas where our elites feel threatenable, namely their childish utopianism regarding race, immigration, feminism and broken sexuality.
    The difference shows what we have to do if we want to stop our elites from enslaving and destroying us.