Yellow Peril: Fu Man Chew on this!
Davos is where the world's business and political elites get together to ignore the interests of the "little people." And probably get up to to some kinky shit as well.  

This year the biggest surprise is the arrival of the Chinese in the guise of Chinese President Xi Jinping who is heading a delegation and will be addressing the plutocrats gathered there. 

China, it seems, is worried about Trump, with Xi warning about the dangers of "populism" and "nativism," code words for Americans looking out for their natural interests. 

What the Chinese want is more "free trade," i.e. open Western markets, so that they can keep dumping their excess production on the West, putting people in those countries out of a job, while acquiring the capital to keep buying up more and more assets in the West. Already they own Vancouver and large chunks of Australia.

Xi clearly thinks that the bigwigs at Davos can be won over to act as a Chinese Fifth Column in the West, attacking and undermining Trump and thereby helping to keep the trade portals open so that the Chinese Dragon can keep shafting manufacturers in the West with cheap exports. 

Oppose this sinister plan that seeks to enslave the West!
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