Autistic screeching (cardboard clock version)
There was a time when the people behind the "Doomsday Clock" had a certain credibility, but that was back in Cold War days, when the World was threatened by an entirely amoral and power-mad Communist Superpower bent on World conquest or mutually assured destruction. 

Although even then the Chicago-based Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, which "runs" the big cardboard clock diagram, could be said to be serving as an dupe for the Soviet Union. Their constant reminders to people on the free world side that we were all going to die in a nuclear holocaust greatly bolstered the unilateral disarmament movement in the West, and could have helped give the Commies an easy victory. 

Anyway, since the end of the Cold War, there hasn't really been much need for the Doomsday Clock, except briefly for the thankfully unsuccessful election run of Neocon Presidential "mad woman" candidate Hillary Clinton, who was prepared to bomb Iran and Syria, and push Russia and China into global confrontation.

Strangely, during the weeks when Hillary's election victory seemed most certain -- and WWIII an inevitability -- the hands of the famous fake clock went unmoved.

But now that Trump, a fried of Russia and a realist on the Middle East, is President and all serious threat of a major nuclear conflict has ended, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has mysteriously decided to move the minute hand of their clock closer to "Midnight," signifying increased danger.

"The Doomsday Clock is closer to midnight than it's ever been in the lifetime of almost everyone in this room," Lawrence Krauss, the Jewish scientist who is the Bulletin's chair, told a news conference in Washington.

Krauss, who describes himself as an "antitheist" (basically someone who actively hates God) and recently dumped his wife of over 30 years to marry a much younger woman, ludicrously said Trump and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin carried a large share of the blame for the heightened threat because Russia and America "remain at odds in war-torn countries such as Syria and Ukraine," even though tensions there are now non-existent -- thanks to Trump who has only been President one week! 

The Bulletin also referred to nuclear proliferation among smaller nations, something that really got under way in the administrations of Bill Clinton, when Pakistan acquired nuclear weapons (1998), and Obama, when Iran moved much closer to having nukes. Strangely on those earlier occasions the clock hands remained unmoved or even receded from midnight.

Yes, it actually does go down during Democrat Presidencies
 and up when Republicans occupy the White House.
Other reported concerns were "climate change," with the Bulletin bemoaning Trump's fracking friendly energy policy that actually enhances peace by making the US less dependent on Middle Eastern oil, and the fact that someone had hacked Hillary's e-mails, which the Bulletin blamed on the Russians (without the usual evidence). 

Yes, well if Hillary had been elected, then the e-mail scandal might well have been used as a cause of one of Hillary's insane wars -- but, as I said above, we luckily avoided that dangerous scenario.

All this makes it apparent that the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has revealed itself to be a simple propaganda tool of the Left, as it has always been. Let's hope the Trump administration takes this into account when it makes its funding decisions for the sciences. 
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