It was not widely reported, but last month Amazon revealed that it had made its first airborne delivery, dropping its package just 13 minutes after ordering. 

The company has now got permission for one ground-based drone pilot to control several machines at once, with the help of GPS, and is aiming to use "segregated blocks of airspace below 500 feet and away from most manned aviation operations" in order to avoid aviation accidents. 
Drone alone no more.
Delivery weights are up to 5 lbs, but additionally the company is planning to develop a system by which dozens of individual drones can join together to form a "megadrone" that will be capable of longer distances and heavier loads, and will also simplify flying patterns. 

Once it becomes common for various valuable consumer goods to be delivered this way, it will inevitably lead to a crime-vs.-law -enforcement arms race, with criminal gangs utilizing drones of their own to knock down or capture low-flying drones. Also, more simply, firearms, catapults, Frisbees, or even trained birds like hawks or falcons may be utilized to down drones and steal their packages. 

In such a case, Amazon will be sure to develop an array of security drones to guard their deliveries and fend off hostile drones. 

This, in Richard Spencer's immortal words, is "the direction in which the arrow is pointed" -- which may indeed be another excellent method used to shoot down drones in the future drone wars.

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