According to a short podcast by a truncated TRS "Death Panel," featuring Seventh Son and Alex McNabb, it appears that Mike Enoch the leader of TRS is not stepping down after all, but is instead planning to divorce his Jewish wife. 

According to the damage limitation story that TRS is running with, Mike is an Aryan who just looks a little Jewish because he got slightly overweight, and married a 1/4 Jewish woman 10 years ago before he was redpilled, and simply didn't come clean because TRS and the Daily Shoah just sorta snowballed. Based on this, the theory runs, Mike should keep going with the show because he "dindu nuffin."

Peinovich with his half brother and some rather suspicious candles.

Top Alt-Right figures like Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson, and Colin Liddell have rallied to the cause. Spencer tweeted:
The more industrious Johnson wrote a lengthy essay, Why I Support Mike Enoch, which included the following interesting logical paradox:
"Now, you might argue that Mike Enoch is being inauthentic or hypocritical by being married to a partly Jewish woman while taking a very hard line on the Jewish question, but frankly I applaud the fact that he thinks that truth is more important than authenticity..."
Well that clears that up, then.

Liddell tweeted:
A survey of the comment boards however suggest that a lot of people are not buying the "business as usual" model, and want the questions surrounding Mike's Peinovich's Jewish background to be thoroughly addressed. 

Trust has been broken, and fears are now running rampant that TRS could have been a datamining honeypot, designed to amass information from donors, those who bought merchandising (T-shirts, oven gloves, etc.), and those who registered on its forum—including home addresses, email addresses, usernames, IP addresses, access logs, security questions, and password hashes

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  2. Mike Enoch has been vindicated, HES NOT JEWISH!: https://you.23andme.com/published/reports/e42bb060324046c1/?share_id=3bea40b7c76b4de8

    1. Some guy sends a sample of his own choosing and gets the result he wants. Looks like you have a pretty low evidence threshold.