Leftist thuggery

 A meeting of the Rightist think tank the South-West Forum was attacked by an as-yet unnamed Leftist terrorist group yesterday. They began by hurling bricks through the window of the venue booked for the conference at the end of Kevin Layzell's speech. They then punched several elderly members of the group, as well as organiser Julie Lake.

However, the attack did not go as planned, as, after the initial surprise, the attendees fought back, forcing the Leftist thugs into retreat and submission. Max Musson, 64, was forced into giving one a good beating in self-defence, with the initial aggressor finally scrambling away in defeat.

Despite a cut mouth and bruising, Julie Lake joked, "Can you imagine them back at their muster point? A 64-year-old 'fascist' just beat the crap out of me!"

She added that the terrorists' actions were "entirely counter-productive. This violence emboldens us, makes us bond together, makes us more determined, recruits us more people."

The meeting itself was barely disrupted and resumed in another room as the glass was swept up from the Leftist thugs' vandalism.

It is thought that the Leftist mob followed Mrs Lake to the venue after her address was given out on the internet by Jack Sen, real name Dilip Sengupta, a mixed-race Indian who has tried to infiltrate several nationalist organisations and hand on members' details to Hope Not Hate (a violent Communist organisation) and to the police in the hope of members being convicted of Orwellian hatecrimes.

Mrs Lake's house had already been the target of Dilip Sengupta's followers earlier this year.

The South-West Forum is a spin-off of Jez Turner's London Forum, the successor to Jonathan Bowden's New Right London think tank for Rightist thought.

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  1. How did he go from Dilip Sengupta to Jack Sen? Ashamed of his heritage?

  2. Wow what lies. Its actually Julie Lake that is working for Hope NOt hate. In fact there was never any such incident. lake has fabricated th entire thing to resurrect her failing career as a nationalist. The audacity of this hideous abomination of a woman

  3. hideous I have to deal with this shit while I'm on holiday. but so be it. this will reach tens of thousands today


    False claims of violence perpetrated against nationalists by leftists bring our message into disrepute.

    Especially when there is no record of any event taking place and the people involved themselves work for Hope Not Hate and the British government. Julie lake, a Hope Not Hate operative who was recently suspended from the BNP for abuse, won’t stop until you ignore her.


  4. As an observer, what i know of it, there were people in there from all over the country and orgs and huge amounts of witness with phone footage. I heard that elderly people were injured. If it was a cross section of people, wouldn't the first thing anyone would ask, would be if all involved were alright? What we do know is that Julie's address was posted on the internet by Sen and he boasted and showed off about it. Instead of asking if everyone was alright, or even going public and stating that he wasn't the one who posted her address, in his defense, what he did was make moronic claims that she invented it because he doesn't want the country seeing that it could have been thanks to him. Rather than find out if people were alright, the first thing he does is attack Julie again with the same old lie that she's a spy. It's not been reported because i would imagine, police have instructed a black out until they have interviewed anyone who could have played a part. These claims are absurd but why the rapid response to distance himself from any wrong doing? There's only one reason you post someone's address on the internet and make disgusting claims about them and that's in the hope they get hurt. Too right questions need answering on this.