The operation to become a man really worked out.
According to genocide experts, before the actual act of genocide, there is a process demonization. In South Africa the process is well under way with the National Art Gallery in Cape Town hosting an exhibition that consists of artworks based on the theme “Fuck White People.”

The artist is Dean Hutton, an "ex-woman" who now identifies as a 'man,' while looking like the worst stereotype of a butch lesbian. Oh yeh, he/she/it is of course White!

The show seems to consist mainly of badly-taken photographs of people, including the artist, wearing T-shirts or other items, emblazoned with the words "Fuck White People."

This has drawn criticism from the Freedom Front Plus, a small Boer political party, which has called it “inflammatory” and urged the museum to scrap the exhibition.
“The responsible officials at the museum will have to account as to whether they would hold an exhibition with a reversed racial message,” FF Plus leader Pieter Groenewald said in a statement. “In times where racial relations are extremely sensitive, and where people who are guilty of making racist comments are severely punished by courts, the exhibition is short-sighted, and it is experienced by many people as inflammatory.” 
This being South Africa, such complaints are likely to fall on deaf ears. Hutton, however, has responded to the criticism on 'his' webite with with some typical SJW boilerplate crap:
"If you are white you’re probably feeling some type of way right now. I’m not sorry for that. White people have been having a lot of feelings lately about “reverse racism” as if it’s a thing. White people made racism, and made sure it is deeply embedded in our social systems, law, economy, institutions and individuals. So this provocation is here to make you feel that “white pain”. Breathe deeply through it. I’m here to destabilize all of our white spaces."

Anybody wishing to contact the artist can try his luck here: 
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