A fascinating video from Left Wing Bolshy bastard and anti Israel campaigner George Galloway. In the video he essentially praises Donald Trump and advises left wingers and Marxists to provide Trump a limited support especially apropos Trump's ambitions and desire for a detente with Russia.

Galloway points out a devious alliance - many of us on the Alt Right have noticed before - between liberals and the Globalist NWO and Deep State agenda. This puts liberals in to bed with the likes of John McCain and CIA.

Galloway also points out with this dossier that is NOT the Russians interfering with US politics and the Elections - the accusations do NOT have a shred of proof. But this latest dossier - that comes via a supposedly retired MI 6 operative - IS in fact trying to de-legimatize Donald Trump and actual PROOF of the British trying to effect the Election. So, Touche Mr Galloway.

This is a fascinating video many on the Alt Right will enjoy - so take a look - and spread it around social media, my friends. - RW

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