Let me explain German politics to you. 

Point One: The German government, Chancellor Angela Merkel, and the two main political parties are all in favour of rape. That is why they opened the borders to millions of horny young guys from Africa and the Middle East who have little chance of getting sex any other way. 

Point Two: The German people are pretty cucked because most of them still buy the "Muh Holocust" bull-crap.

Point Three: However, they are not totally cucked, and a growing number are slowly uncucking themselves by supporting nationalist parties.

Point Four: There are two nationalist parties of note at the moment, Alternative For Germany (AfD) and the National Democratic Party (NPD). The former is new, the latter is old. This means that the latter is by now completely infiltrated with state plants, who use the party as (a) a honeycomb operation to gather data on actual nationalists attracted to the party, (b) bad propaganda for German nationalism to scare Normies off, and (c) to do anything else that needs doing. 

Recently there was talk of banning the NPD outright on the excuse that it is "too Nazi" or something, ignoring the fact that it was state operatives who no doubt pushed it in this direction. The real story here, however, is that the State was simply going to close it down because the party had served its function as a failed nationalist option since the 1960s, and was in sharp decline. Its membership has withered to about 5,200, while its share of the vote in the most recent national election was only 1.3%. Also it lost its last remaining seats in a regional parliament, in the eastern state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, last year. 

The State wanted to either retire its operatives in the NPD to save money or use some of them to infiltrate and destabilize Alternative For Germany, the new Nationalist Party, which, as yet, does not have a shitty Nazi image like the NPD, and is therefore growing quickly. 

But with a German parliamentary election coming this September, and with Alternative For Germany riding high in the polls, the State had a better idea: namely to keep the NPD alive for a few more months in order to split the rising anti-rape, nationalist vote. 

So, using a spurious argument that they didn't need to ban the "unmistakably Nazi" NPD because it was "incapable of fulfilling its goals," the country’s supreme court in Karlsruhe ruled (January 17th) not to ban the party. 

This, along with the publicity and sympathy for the Party among nationalists and those opposed to migrant rape, along with other likely covert help in the coming months, will boost the NPD as a means of diverting support from Alternative for Germany, which poses a big electoral threat. 

According to opinion polls, nationwide support for the Party keeps rising, with a recent poll now putting it at 16%. 

Over a summer of rapes and probable terrorist outrages this could rise to a level where the Party could just about get into power. It is therefore vital for the vested interests that their controlled nationalist vehicle, the NPD, take a share of the nationalist anti-rape vote to keep Alternative for Germany below the threshold of power; at least until their operatives can infiltrate and Nazify the party sufficiently to destroy it an electoral threat, and keep the rape trail to Europe open. 
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