Johnson is a big fan of the gay
Japanese author Yukio Mishima.
The latest revelation from the TRS dox-gate scandal is that Greg Johnson appears to be making a move to take over TRS and the Alt-Right. This is in response to the partial collapse of TRS and the downfall of its main intellectual leader, Mike Enoch, and also the rise of the Spencer bloc, which has grown much stronger in recent days with the launch of

It is well-known in Alt-Right circles that Johnson, a brilliant writer and intellectual who is also gay, loathes Richard Spencer, the founder and handsome "poster boy" of our glorious movement. So, the launching of, which aligns Spencer with leading Alt-Right book publisher Arktos Publishing and leading Alt-Right media company Red Ice Radio, has definitely put Johnson's intellectually powerful but old-fashioned website in the shade. 

However, the recent partial collapse of TRS and the downfall of its intellectual giant Mike Enoch, has given Johnson a chance to match Spencer's recent gains with his own. 

Enoch, of course, was recently revealed to have a Jewish wife and is thought by many to be Jewish himself. In whatever way the "good goys" at TRS manage to patch it up, the Enoch doxxing has had a major impact, and it will be impossible for Enoch to resume the same moral and intellectual authority in TRS that he once had, something that he has himself admitted.

The other "leading light" of TRS, Seventh Son, is quite a different type and cannot be considered an "intellectual" leader. His talents lie elsewhere as a DJ, musician, parodiest, propagandist, and bro-chad. 

This means that there is now an intellectual vacuum at the top of TRS. Johnson has been courting TRS for some time, and is thought to be a member of the secret Facebook group that forms the group's inner core. This crisis now gives him the opportunity to push his case for "intellectual overlordship" of the group. This is why he has been virulently defending Mike Enoch, as with his recent article "Why I Support Mike Enoch,"in which he said:
"Now, you might argue that Mike Enoch is being inauthentic or hypocritical by being married to a partly Jewish woman while taking a very hard line on the Jewish question, but frankly I applaud the fact that he thinks that truth is more important than authenticity"
He even went so far as to break ties with Alternative Right Chief Editor Colin Liddell over a rather innocuous comment Liddell made about the article, which can still be read in the comment thread.

Johnson knows that his White Knighting of Enoch won't restore Enoch's position to what it was before so he is merely doing this in order to gain credit with the TRS inner circle in order to push for hegemony over TRS, possibly to further his ongoing feud with Spencer. 
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  1. I'm a proud white mom who has been AR since long before there was AR, and I'm just as down with 88 as I am with 14. I have two grown white children. My son is red-pilled and even my daughter's a vast improvement on Derek Black.

    Compared to that level of commitment, everything else boils down to trying to wake people up while we wait and prep. But the twenty years I've been waiting is a long time, and people like Covington have been waiting their whole lives. Meanwhile, I needs me entertainment. That's where movement drama comes in.

    We know we've arrived when we have our own gossip page, and here it is. And no one deserves gossip more than the backstabbing subject of this article.

    Love the site.

  2. I guess the Alt Right was going to get a rumor-mongering click-bait scandal sheet sooner or later. Doxx and 23&me on whoever publishes this site, please. Until then, I'll assume the worst.

  3. How do you know Greg Johnson is gay???

  4. Interesting the places a Facebook search will take you...So I'm currently grappling with the notion that THIS Greg Johnson is the same Greg Johnson that I grew up with in a tiny logging town in the Pacific Northwest. Seems unlikely, but the Greg Johnson I grew up with DID earn a PhD in Philosophy, and DID (according to one of our shared high school English teachers growing up) become an Ayn Rand scholar (I actually started with Rand years before Greg did, but who cares, right?), and YES, the Greg Johnson I grew up with was GAY (and tormented for being gay/different in the Aryan Nations wet dream redneck community we grew up in). Maybe they aren't the same person. Maybe it's just a huge coincindence (TWO gay, Ayn Rand scholar, Doctors of Philosophy named Greg Johnson!?!? could happen.). But I listen to him speak...and that COULD be his voice, and I've seen one recent, unblurred video of his face, and that COULD be the same guy aged 25 years from the last time I actually talked to him. Yeah...unlikely as it may be, it's probably him...and I find myself extremely disappointed. Greg and I were friends in high school. I counted myself among the smartest kids in my class (yeah, my ego is on full display), but Greg's wicked sense of humor and intellect was leaps and bounds beyond mine or anyone else's that we knew. The Greg I knew was so smart...well, so smart that you wouldn't want him anywhere near a destructive "movement" like this (if he supported it) because of the massive damage he might be able to inflict using said intellect as a weapon. I guess I fell for the old trope that assumes that all gays who grow up being tormented in conservative shit holes grow up to be free-minded liberals. Sad...sad that the Greg Johnson I knew might have grown up to become a leading participant in, and proponent of, a hate-filled, intellectually stunted, xenophobic movement and philosophy like this. Anyway...all the religious and homophobic horseshit diatribes guess is that Greg tries to shield aspects of his identity to protect his family (he has an aged mother back in his hometown, assuming she's still with us), and thanks to the intellectual vacuousness, Christian-cult zealotry, homophobia, and violence of this "movement," he's probably smart not to put a target on his back by minimizing his time in the limelight. I'm just disappointed that he couldn't apply his impressive intellect to something more positive. I mean...after climbing out of the Ayn Rand rabbit hole, THIS is what inspired him...ugh. Oh well...I'm disappointed, but I guess I can try to remember they guy I once knew...