Ann Coulter's a big, famous, lady journalist, but her heart is clearly in the right place. As her childless ovaries have shrivelled and withered with age—she is now 55—her frustrated maternal feelings have been increasingly displaced to the White race. In fact you could draw a pretty correlative line between her falling fertility and her move away from cuckservative global liberalism. Unlike Angela Merkel, another womb-witherer, she is moving in the right direction, being staunch on a lot of Alt-Right issues. In short, we love her.

But she still has to exist in the mainstream, so she has to tread carefully. Not as carefully as a male journalist of course, because, like any woman, she has a bit of a "pussy pass"check out the UK's Katie Hopkins for confirmation of this thesis.

Anyway, she can't fash too hard, and she still needs to keep within touching distance of mainstream Conservative shibboleths like "Dems are the real racists," but she can throw us a bone or two, while giving us a wink and a nudge to let us know how she really feels—all perfectly "deniable" of course, if the shitlibs should turn up the heat.

But the Chicago torture kidnapping creates one of those little windows of mass outrage and sympathy among Whites that allow messages to pass more easily and openly between the far-flung wings of our movement, and it is no different in this case.

Recently Ann tweeted out the number "14," a digit that anybody on the Alt-Right and his aunt knows refer to the famous 14 words—"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."


Coulter immediately followed this up with a crafty tweet that "implied" she was merely referring to how long it would take for convicted killer—and suspected Manchurian Candidate—Dylann Roof to be executed, implying that her guess is it would take 14 years, instead of 88.

20 years later, they still haven't been executed. Want to make an over-under on how long it takes to execute Dylan Roof? 


Her concern with the fate of Dylann Roof is interesting. While, of course, we condemn any act of racial violence except purely defensive ones, there is also the raw tragedy of a young White man who has thrown his life away through a callous act of violence, something that may have had a visceral tug on Ann's displaced maternity.

Either that or the fact that the molls get a big crush on any mass killer. LOL

The only other explanation for Ann's tweet is that she was referring to the number of days Obama had in office, but this too might have just been a convenient excuse to get this vital message of support to her hardline fans on the Alt-Right. In any case, we accept and say "Hail Ann! Hail Trump! Hail Victory!...and, Dylann, you shouldn't oughta have killed them nice Black Church folks."

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