"We must secure the existence of our eggnog and a future for our cocktail recipes." Richard Spencer
There are many divisions in the nascent political movement called the Alt-Right. For example -- the JQ question, Christians vs, Pagans, is "cuckservative" still a thing, should we disavow Mike Cernovitch's lithp or not, etc.

But Richard Spencer, the founder of our glorious movement, is always ahead of the curve. During his recent New Year's Eve podcast, he zoomed in on the real issue splitting the Alt-Right, the Great Eggnog Question. Should we even eggnog, and if we do should we keep all our eggnogs in one basket? 

As Spencer explained:
I like relaxing [on New Year's Eve]. I made myself a nice eggnog. I haven't had a true real eggnog until I made one last night for my wife and me. And whenever I've had an eggnog, I've been at some Xmas party, where it's like this huge bowl and it's like a huge dessert. It's just like gross. They get like store made eggnog and, I don't know, pour vodka in there. It's just awful, like sugary nonsense. But I made a true eggnog - it's bourbon, brandy, some cherry liqueur, a little bit of milk to top it off, a shaker of ice, and a whole egg. So, you put a raw egg into your cocktail, and it's really good. That's what I like to do on New Year's Eve or Christmas.
Listen the full podcast here. The important section on the Eggnog question begins around the 1:21 mark.
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