Shai Masot in Israeli uniform

Israeli embassy official Shai Masot has boasted of being able to take British Ministers of Parliament down whenever he should so wish. He also boasted of plotting to take down foreign office minister and open homosexual Alan Duncan, as Duncan has supported Palestinian causes. 

Masot was in conversation with Maria Strizzolo, aide to Conservative MP Robert Halfon. They discussed how to discredit MPs, along with someone they believed was a member of Labour Friends of Israel, but was in fact an undercover reporter.

Another "pro-Arab" homosexual Consevative MP mentioned was Crispin Blunt, who was said to be on a "hitlist". Blunt enjoys taking poppers in his spare time. 

Of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Strizzolo said, "Boris is good."

Masot replied, "Boris. He is basically good."

"He is solid on Israel."

"Yeah, he just doesn't care. Boris is busy with everything else. Boris is busy, you know. You know, he is an idiot, but so far he has become the Minister of Foreign Affairs without any kind of responsibilities. So technically, if something real happens, it won't be his fault."

Israeli ambassador Mark Regev has since apologised to Alan Duncan and the Israeli Embassy has promised to terminate his employment at the embassy shortly. Both the embassy and Masot himself have tried to pass him off as a junior staff member, yet Masot holds the rank of major and was photographed in 2013 for the COGAT website. COGAT is a subordinate office of the Israeli defence ministry responsible for carrying out government policy in Judea and the West Bank.

The incident demonstrates yet again the unhealthy influence Israel has and seeks to have in Western politics.

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