After a truck attack in which four Israeli soldiers, three of them beautiful young women, tragically died, there is confusion over the motives of the attacker, 28-year-old Palestinian Fadi Qunbar.

While most news agency have gone with the narrative that it was a simple "terrorist attack," inspired by similar outrages committed by Muslims in Europe, and some are suggesting it might have been an innocent accident, new evidence (below) suggests that it may have been a "THOT Partol."

This term describes a "policing action" carried out by one male on behalf of other males to stop the kind of women described as "THOTs" (the pluralized acronym for "That Ho Over There") toying with the interest and affections of other, more vulnerable males. As the well-respected Urban Dictionary explains it...

A squad of real niggas who help lesser niggas identify potential and well know thots in order to stop the thot from playing with a niggas emotions.
nigga: Damn man, this chick is hot! 
thot patrol: NO, MAN! She a thot! dont let her play with your heart nigga! 
nigga: thanks man!"

In recent years, it has become increasingly apparent that the Israeli army is an organization that has been heavily infiltrated by THOTs, who strut around in their body hugging fatigues causing untold emotional damages to sensitive males, both Palestinian and Jewish. We cannot be entirely sure until pictures of the deceased are released, but the following pictures of IDF babes will help illustrate the extent of the problem that caused Fadi Qunbar to sacrifice his life:

Oy vey!


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