Megyn Kelly, the Fox News anchor who took on Trump and lost with "blood coming out of her whatever" has finally jumped ship, facilitating the transformation of the formerly hostile broadcaster into what is now effectively a cheer-leading channel for President Elect Donald Trump.

Kelly reportedly turned down $25 million a year from Fox to go to NBC, where she will host an Oprah-like daytime show, launch a new Sunday night news magazine, and contribute to the network’s political coverage, all the while fighting the ageing process, which really steps up a few gears at Kelly's age of 46.

My prediction is that Kelly's popularity will drop like a stone within a few months. Even at Fox this would have happened, but would have taken longer as Fox's audience of senile octogenarians think that a 46 year-old-woman "on the turn" is still a babe.

This parting of the ways is also a sign of how Fox has swung towards Trump, after moves to position the channel to the centre ground of US politics were abandoned as suicidal. Another factor was that the Murdochs, who own Fox, have a record of cozying up to the political incumbent in exchange for business favours. They clearly covet a similar relationship with Trump.

The famous "fart" pose that made her famous.
Kelly was the last major anti-Trump holdout at the channel, following the resignation of Fox News CEO Roger Ailes. Also, her relationship with other key Fox personalities like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity had soured, as they followed the lead of the Murdoch family, and got on the Trump train.

“I really like Rupert Murdoch!” Trump told guests at Mar-a-Lago over the holidays, according to an attendee. “Roger Ailes was a friend of mine, but Fox’s coverage is so much better since he left.”

This is all very interesting, but channels like Fox and other mainstream media outlets are on a long slide into oblivion and no longer have the influence they once had. The future belongs to small anonymous blogs like this one. Trump's election victory is the clearest proof of that. Cable and mainstream are effectively "bleeding from the whatever" and Megyn Kelly is their symbol.
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