Front National leader, Marine Le Pen, is on course to become French President in elections that will be held this year in April. 

A recent opinion poll, carried out for French weekly newspaper Paris Match, TV channel iTele and radio station Sud-Radio, put her on top with 26.5%, ahead of Cuckservative candidate Francois Fillon, the flunky of big business, who got 25%. The likely socialist candidate got 17%.

This is the first time that Le Pen has topped such a poll, but that is not so important as another significant fact, namely her growing appeal to the French working class

With the Socialist candidate almost certain to be eliminated in the first round, the second round will be a contest between Le Pen and Fillon for the votes of the eliminated candidates. In such a scenario, Le Pen's growing appeal to working class voters should see her do better than Fillon in picking up such votes, breaking the old centre-right and left coalition that has been used to marginalize the Front National in the past, and ensuring her victory. 

After Brexit and Trump, another political earthquake is on the way. 
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