Good news for the Alt-Right (as long as you're not too tired of winning)! It looks like civic and cultural nationalist Marine Le Pen is on course to become the next President of France after her main rival François Fillon of the centre right Les Républicains was caught in a sleazy corruption scandal channelling unearned income to his wife. 

Financial police raided Fillon's office in parliament on Tuesday (31st Jan) as part of an inquiry into his wife's illegal income. 

Le Canard Enchaine reported that his wife Penelope – who had previously said in interviews that she "did not get involved in her husband's political affairs" – had been paid 500,000 Euros from state funds as a "parliamentary assistant" to her husband even though there is no evidence that she had done any work besides making the occasional sandwich. 
Does not count as political work, apparently.
Fillon had been favourite to win the presidency for the cuckservative Les Républicains party until a week ago, when the newspaper Le Canard Enchaine (the Chained Duck) reported that his wife Penelope drew hundreds of thousands of euros in pay without doing any work.

Meanwhile Le Pen's other rival, the Socialist Party, has shot itself in the foot by choosing an unworldly hard-left dweeb as its candidate, Benoît Hamon (basically a French Jeremy Corbyn). The Socialist Party is now showing signs of splitting.
Socialist Dweeb: the Left pick another beta-male loser.
The Normie consensus is that whichever candidate finishes second to Le Pen in the First Round of voting in April will still beat her in the final round, and this is a possibility. But there is also an extremely high chance of mass terrorist carnage in France in the run-up to the election because this will coincide with Trump's military campaign to destroy Isis, which is likely to be in full gear in March and April. 

As ISIS is military crushed, they will try to fight a "Fourth Generation Warfare" campaign of retaliation by striking back at "soft targets" in the accessible West. This will inevitably mean massive terrorist outrages in places like France and London, that have been at the forefront of criticising Trump's travel ban against some Muslim countries. This will give Le Pen the boost she needs to become President.

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