The neoliberal establishment and the radical Left have put aside their recent feuding this weekend to enjoy a moment of mirth about Richard Spencer getting sucker punched while performing an interview at the inauguration this weekend. Time Magazine, the New York Times, and the cable news outlets are rejoicing the return of political violence. After all of these months in a row of failure and humiliation, culminating in Donald Trump’s ascent to the highest office, one can’t help but understand their profound need for cathartic laughter.

It’s pretty unwise for the Left to be normalizing political violence given the way the wind’s blowing. It doesn’t take a genius to see that ours is the side with most of the guns, most of the veterans, most of the people who work out, and most of the people who can both execute and absorb a good solid punch. Our side avoids violence because we’re attempting to win a moral case. Our side avoids violence because the system’s itching for any excuse to crack down on us. Our side avoids violence for a lot of reasons, but fear of losing a fight isn’t one of them.

Last summer in Sacramento, the Golden State Skinheads and our men attempted to host a peaceful permitted rally which was swarmed with over two hundred masked leftist radicals who all agreed that violence is appropriate. Our men, White Nationalist men, stood strong against staggering 20-1 odds, shredding through the gaggle of screeching degenerates. We’re not all as tough as the Sacramento Spartans, but we don’t need to be. We can all strive to be healthier, stronger, and more trained for riot combat than we are, but even now, America’s radical Left is no match for America’s radical Right.

Sacramento was exceptional, but it’s no exception. Despite being dwarfed in terms of resources and manpower, our side has prevailed in every major skirmish where the left has attempted to introduce political violence into the equation. They know this. Everybody knows this.

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