Enoch's preferred avatar was Baldrick from Blackadder. 

Following the doxxing of Millennial Woes only about a week ago, the Alt-Right has been struck by another doxxing incident, this one involving one of its most important figures, Mike Enoch, as well as other members of the TRS inner circle, including Seventh Son, Ghoul, and Bulbasaur.

The real names, actual addresses, pictures, and employment information of the TRS Death Panel are now freely available online.

Although reports are confused, the doxxing appears to have occurred after a "meltdown" in the TRS forum, where various unnamed parties got "over-triggered" regarding the "infiltration" of Jews and gays into the movement, leading to doxxing threats, "bluffs being called," and then actual doxxing. There are also reports that blackmail was used against a specific member of the Death Panel to get him to spill the beans on other members to protect his own identity. 

Anyone wishing to find out the specific details of the doxxing may google or simply refer to this link. this linkand this one.

Perhaps the most interesting revelation is the apparent Jewishness of Enoch, whose real name is Michael Peinovich. Although there is as yet no direct evidence that Peinovich is Jewish, apart from his extremely high verbal IQ, it seems there is little doubt about the Jewishness of his wife, while the pictures that have been leaked of him show a portly individual with a rather Jewish-looking physiognomy. 

Even if he has no actual Jewish blood, as he claims, he is still "Jewish by marriage," which puts him into an awkward position, given the positions he has associated himself with.

While Jews or part Jews are welcomed by some elements in the Alt-Right -- if they support White Nationalism -- other parts of the Alt-Right have a zero tolerance attitude to Jews under any circumstances. 

In the past TRS and its flagship podcast The Daily Shoah have aligned themselves strongly with the latter tendency, pioneering the (((echo brackets))) around Jewish names and risque humor about gassing Jews. In recent months TRS has been indistinguishable, in certain important respects, from the Daily Stormer, a Neo-Nazi troll site run by Andrew Anglin and Weev Auernheimer that is notorious for its rabid hatred of Jews -- this despite rumours that both Anglin and Auernheimer are themselves also of Jewish extraction. 

There seems to be an interesting pattern at work here that the more overtly "Nazi-ist" an organization is, the more Jewish the people leading it actually are. Whether this is because they are professional shills trying to discredit White identitarianism or because they have severe "identity issues," including a weird Jewish self-loathing, is the only question. 
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  1. Yes, rumors! Mike married to a jewess:
    Confirmed by Mike himself.

    Bashing weev and/or Anglin as Jews: just name-calling.

  2. Very good article, glad I found this site!

  3. Mike enoch look like a chilean or a north mexican , never a white man. Anglin seem a hapa 1/4 asian , and weev look like a octoroon.