Nessie, another victim of Scottish press harassment.

It can be revealed that after a search lasting several months, the Scottish press has finally tracked down Alt-Right vlogging legend Millennial Woes, and may have even have paid a call to his home with the intention of writing a "point-and-sputter" article about the "evils" of people talking about White survival on YouTube. 

This represents a major victory for the Scottish mass media, with the newspaper in question The National (circulation 15,000) getting a tip about the whereabouts of Woes (20,000 YouTube subscribers) from an unknown person or persons.

On the plus side, The National and other papers will have to watch what they say as the UK recently changed its press laws to make it much easier for people to sue newspapers that attempt to defame them. Also, any attempt to dox Woe's address or whereabouts to the wider public will also lay any paper guilty of promoting violent attacks, given the history of various antifa groups in the UK. 
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