"Pillar of the community," Judah Adunbi
Really, you have to question how they spend our tax money, because, from what I can tell, most of it is pissed down the drain. Here is a great example from that bastion of political correctness the UK -- the city of Bristol to be precise.

Apparently, a female office was forced to taser an incoherent and aggressive Black man. The incident was videoed on a smart phone, showing the Black man mumbling, refusing to answer simple questions, and moving erratically. Like any Black man, he could have quite easily have had a knife. To the unbiased eye, he seems to be acting under the influence of drugs.

But what makes this special is that it later turned out that he was in fact the police force's own race relations adviser, paid to help the police liaise with the local Afro-Caribbean "community," which drives most of the city's crime (if there are reliable stats denying this, I'd really like to see them). 

Leftist media, like the scummy left-wing Guardian (falling sales), are trying hard to present this as a case of evil police harassment, when the real story is the clear waste of public funds on this individual, who is (a) either a sub-65 IQ moron, (b) a druggie, or (c) both. 

In either case keeping him on the payroll is a blatant waste of money and heads should roll. But knowing Britain, he'll probably keep his position, be granted a knighthood by the Queen, and sue the police for a tidy sum that may or may not find its way into the local ganja economy. 

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  1. how low have our standards gone? bottom of the barrel.