LARPing as the IDF?

After "fake news" rumours that Matt Forney and David Aurini were the shooters in the tragic killing of 5 or 6 innocent Muslims at a Quebec Mosque, the true identity of the shooter has been revealed as Alexandre Bissonnette. 

As race and nationality are officially "social constructs" in Canada, one of the most cucked and left-wing countries in the world, it is impossible to say anything about the ethnic identity of the attacker. However, it has been revealed that Bissonnette was a lover of a small Middle Eastern country with a reputation for extreme violence and may have been LARPing as a member of its security forces. 

A former classmate, Jean-Michel Allard-Prus, who studied politics with him at Universit√© Laval and has kept in touch, told Le Journal de Quebec that Bissonnette, “was pro-Israel."

He has also been revealed to have had a number of other political views, opinions, and tastes. For example, he was a keen horse rider (according to social media photos), but it is unlikely that equestrian interests could be the inspiration for such a brutal attack, even though history reveals a tenuous connection between horse-riding and extreme violence going back to the Mongol Hordes of the 13th century. 

Some historians believe there is a clear link between horse riding and extreme violence.

It is much more likely that Bissonnette's violent outburst was caused by his pro-Israel Zionist hatred of Arabs and Muslims, which is itself a defence mechanism against constant Islamic violence, aimed at the state of Israel, but not specific to Israel as frequent Islamic terrorist attacks in the rest of the World prove.
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  1. Race as defined in it's simplistic term is a social construct as defined by elaborate research into genetics and paleoanthropology. Ethnicity is real, genetic variation is real, but it doesn't fit the simplistic notions put forward in the mainstream or simpleton psyche. Race doesn't exist, scientists haven't studied it for half a century as it's proved inadequate at matching the data.