Richard Spencer, the widely acknowledged Leader of the Alt-Right, recently did a DNA test to test his racial purity. This was despite Jared Taylor repeatedly saying "He looks pretty Hwyte to me." 

But rather than clearing up any suspicions that Spencer might have a "touch of the tar brush" or a secret Ashkenazi ancestor, like famous "Jew fan-boy" RamZPaul, the DNA test has only fuelled further speculation. 

This is because when Spencer Tweeted his results, he noticeably excluded key elements of the information. As you can see only 99.4% of his DNA is accounted for. Under the "one drop rule" that most White Nationalists adhere to, that is simply not good enough.

That 0.6% could theoretically be anything from Neanderthal (which would be generally acceptable), Ashkenazi Jew, Ashkenazi Nazi (partly acceptable), Sub-Saharan refugee, or Ickean Super Lizard (also generally acceptable). 

Questions also remain over elements of his so-called "European" ancestry, in particular the 3.2% Southern European, which almost certainly means that some of Spencer's ancestors were Muslim invaders from the South. This may explain why Viktor Orban had him locked up in a Budapest jail a couple of years ago.

Then there is what is delicately called the "potato connection," with an unspecified amount of Irish blood, anywhere up to a massive 31.9%. 

While technically "White" and looking "Hwyte" to Jared Taylor, the Irish are an ethnicity that has never been fully at ease with their Whiteness, often to the point of serving as a Fifth Column for our racial enemies, most notably with the 1965 Immigration Act that was steered through Congress by Ted Kennedy, who also used to drive like a Black man. 

In short, serious questions remain about Spencer's suitability to lead our glorious movement into the shining future that undoubtedly awaits us.

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  1. Who the fuck writes that the Irish aren't all about being white or some crazy shit? I noticed nobody whats to claim this for their writing resume. I was on board all the way to how much Irish(?). Try having a fucking Nationalist movement in the US an not include the folks who consider themselves to have some Irish. (Try going to prison without an Irish tattoo - or so I'm told.) Rest assured that the majority of us are in no way connected to Ted the traitor Kennedy. It would be dumb as fuck to think we are all the same.

    1. We're trying to attract people with a modicum of social sophistication and sense of irony to this movement. If you're under 16, we can wait for you to grow up. If you're a certified autiste, our sympathies are with you. Otherwise, look and learn.