Richard Spencer, who needs no introduction in these pages, was out on the streets of Washington looking for his daily meal of Alt-Light cuck flesh, topped off with a light dusting of antifa and silly string, when he was stopped by a camera crew from ABC and asked to share his thoughts about Trump's inauguration. 

Knowing that Spencer always switches from his default Anders Breivik mode to "supreme gentleman" mode whenever a camera light is shone in his face, a motley crew of Leftist scumbags, who had been fleeing from Spencer and hiding behind policemen for several hours, turned to launch a cowardly sneak attack. 

Sneaking up behind the ABC film crew -- and downwind from Spencer who otherwise would have smelled them coming -- one of the Leftist troglodytes managed to sneak a floppy punch at Spencer before turning tail and fleeing like rat with its arse on fire. 

The punch came just as Spencer was explaining Pepe to the ABC reporter, making this not only a possible hygiene incident but an act of extreme sacrilege to all in the Alt-Right, while also bringing down an ancient curse on the perpetrator.

Spencer, who is used to taking knocks because of his football training, rolled with the punch before turning round to see that his attacker had completely vacated the field of battle to nurse his broken fist in a burnt out branch of Starbucks.
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