I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. 

Did Donald Trump win big in November or what? This was just as I predicted here at Alternative Right way back in the early doubting days of February 2016 with my prescient and prophetic Metapolitics of Winning essay - and also augured in my Get Trump essay on the beginning of the Fake News phenomenon and the unending attacks on Trump. Also in a third essay on the possibility of some Globalists switching sides to stand with Trump. This all came to be.

So, here I am with my next prognostication - the Donald will be the Don. Yes, he is going to be a Corleone-Family-type President, and, far from being a bad thing, that is going to be something good, although with a few dangers for America and the World. Allow me to elucidate.

It is already a fait accompli: Trump's inauguration is this week. The Metapolitics of Winning as Manifest Destiny is in full effect. I even had a cheeky side bet on the outcome earlier with the Alt Right's favourite Jewish contributor - No, not Mike Enoch of TRS. I'm talking about David Cole Stein of Taki Mag. Though he doubts and dislikes Trump - like many of his ilk - to his credit he settled his debt promptly and seems a mensch on the whole matter, which is all kosher, plus he seems to be warming to The Donald recently. Again like many of his Tribe, which is also a good sign.

Trump template: The Godfather.
But back to the main theme: What is a Donald Trump presidency actually going to look like? 

In a word it's gonna be totally "Gangsta." Not in some modern, African American, Tupac sense of the word. No siree, Bob. Think more along the lines of Francis Coppola's The Godfather trilogy, but with a WASP twist. The Bush and Clinton families tried to set themselves up as WASP mafioso types with some success - but the public finally dropped the old horse's head in their bed before they could get too settled. But finally the real thing is here - and it's gonna be "yuge" and very good for America...mostly.

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