It's finally arrived, Richard Spencer's new alt-right hub website www.altright.com

Interesting that it's arrival kind of coincided with the (hopefully temporary) implosion of TRS, the epitome of Alt-Right 2.0. 

Alt-Right 1.0 was, of course, the original Alternative Right website that Spencer created with Colin Liddell, Andy Nowicki, and Alex Kurtagic, but closed down in December 2013 to found Radix, which was soon put in the shade by TRS.

This coincidence in Spencer's new site launching just as TRS seems to be imploding is sure to provide grist for conspiracy theory mills, but, heck, coincidences happen, especially in the magical world of the Alt-Right, where the power of Kek is strong. So, let's stay off the tinfoil hats on this glorious day and instead extend a warm and unreserved welcome to Spencer's new site. 

It looks good, if still somewhat a bit beta-mode, but I'm sure it will become slicker in no time. The site is run in conjunction with the fine people at Arktos Publishing, and that should give it a bit of intellectual heft and a tinge of respectability. Jason Reza Jorjani has a nice long piece on Zarathustra and sufiism, although I'm sorry to say I haven't read it yet. 

There are also more populist pieces and links, so it looks like Alt-Right 3.0 is going to be about pushing the Alt-Right forward using a canny mixture of memes and intellectual musings. We wish it well and will be frequent visitors.

Jorjani writes about this.

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