As we move seamlessly towards a glorious multicultural future, we should remember that our feelings are not important—as they are tainted with the racism of the past. 

Our only consideration should be the physical limitations of the new order. In short, how many migrants can we take in to expunge our White guilt and racism without the system physically breaking down? Nothing else matters. Can we feed and house them all, and other considerations of that kind should be our only focus. 

Only this will determine the upper limits of the migrant influx.

A recent test in Sweden has provided particularly positive results in this respect, allowing the upward limit of immigration to be lifted by several tens of millions. 

Until now it was thought that Sweden would only have a "migrant carrying capacity" of up to 30 million Third World migrants. This is because of what scientists refer to as the "maximum rape capacity"—i.e. the number of forced sexual encounters at which a society breaks down and physically disintegrates with the death of all its women. 

This is a vital metric because Third World migrant populations to First World countries typically tend to be overwhelmingly males of military age, unable to peacefully acquire or share females due to the residual racism of the societies they enter.

Now, thanks to important pioneering work performed in a cellar by two brave Islamic researchers, it appears that the "maximum rape capacity" of Sweden is much higher than previously thought. 

Researchers, 28-year-old Khaled Azez Hegrs and 23-year-old Tareq Bakkar, along with five industrious assistants managed to successfully gang-rape a single Swedish women for several hours continuously without actually killing her. 

They acquired their test subject on the streets of Malmo then drove her to their ad hoc laboratory in the basement of a cafe in Helsingborg, where this important research took place.

Among the innovative techniques employed to achieve this scientific breakthrough was having two or more men rape her at once, and using her various orifices in succession while paying due attention to her limited need for oxygen. 

The success of the experiment means that the "maximum rape capacity" of Swedish women can now confidently be revised upwards, with a correlative increase in the "migrant carrying capacity" of the country of up to 80 million migrants, or round about 20 migrants per Swedish woman. 
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