The GOP has long been known as "The Stupid Party" (The Dems are of course "The Evil Party"). There are many reasons for the GOP having this nickname, but perhaps the biggest one is that Republicans have done almost nothing about their rivals' rampant vote fraud, which constantly gives them a much greater share of the vote than they could get honestly.

Among the methods employed by the Democratic Party machine is encouraging illegal aliens to vote, bussing people across electoral district boundaries to vote twice, three times, or more, and registering dead people as voters and using their votes.

Any other party but The Stupid Party would have long ago done something about this. Now at last, the GOP seems to have grown a brain thanks to the election of Donald Trump. The new president has called for a major investigation to look into voter fraud in the country tweeting:

This will definitely be opening a can of worms and exposing the skeletons in the Democratic Party's closet. 

It will also have the effect of destroying the myth that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3,000,000 votes while losing the Electoral College vote. Trump has said that he believes the number of fraudulent votes is between 3-5 million.

The myth that Hillary won the popular vote has been used to try to weaken and discredit Trump's mandate. 

While Trump zeroes in on the unfair advantage that the Democrats have enjoyed for too long, others in the GOP remain mired in the complacency and stupidity of the past. On Tuesday (24th January) Speaker Paul Ryan said he'd seen "no evidence" of rampant voter fraud during the election. He obviously couldn't be looking very hard.  
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