They never expected to be facing this situation. After all, Hillary's election as President was supposed to be a sure thing. And when she got in almost all of them would retain their positions. 

But then Trump won, so now the 4,000 lackeys directly appointed by Obama have been thrown off the Washington gravy train and forced to fend for themselves.

So, what else can they do? As Obama appointees, most of them have severe character defects, lack marketable skills, and have a toxic sense of unjustified entitlement. This makes them unsuitable for almost any high paying job and also most low-paying ones too—including toilet cleaning and collecting trash.

Most of them previously came from cushy jobs with NGOs, or from academia and journalism, but quit those jobs when they got the chance to work for Obama. It will now be difficult for them to return to their former posts, as they have all been replaced. Also those sectors are now shrinking and thus greatly overmanned anyway.

Even worse hit are Clinton campaign workers. These prospective staffers also ditched cushy jobs, but comparatively recently, to jump onto an "unsinkable" sinking shipcue theme music from Titanic.

They had hoped that their work as aides and organisers for Clinton's crapulous campaign would lead on to something better, following the expected election victory. 

Well, didn't Life just turn out to be a real bitch?

These people are now too pampered to take a normal job, like waiting tables. Plus, who would trust them with money anyway? But they are also unfitted to go into business on their own, lacking even the basic entrepreneurial skills needed to set up a shoeshine stall. 

Starvation now seems a very real possibility for many of them.

Not since the Russian Revolution forced thousands of aristocrats to flee abroad and find jobs as pastry chefs, prostitutes, and parlour maids have we seen so many privileged individuals brought down so low. 

Clinton's staff came up with the term "deplorables." Well, now it seems that it has bitten them on the ass big time. They have fallen even lower than their intended slur—they have become the unemployables.
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