In his first week in office, new President Donald Trump seems to be making all the right moves. 

One of his first actions since taking office was to drive a stake into the vampiric heart of the globalist scheme to sell out America called the Trans-Pacific Partnership. 

The President signed the order reversing the decision of his predecessor, Obama, sending out a clear message to Wall Street and the globalists that they no longer had a stooge in the White House.

The decision was also a clear signal that Trump remembers those who voted for him, especially White working class voters in the "Rust Belt" states, an area that has been hit hard by globalism and where he won big in the election.

It is now thought that the Asian states that were hoping to join the TPP will be pushed closer to China, thus strengthening regional identity in that area and promoting the rise of a healthy, multipolar World, in which the inverted colonial values of Western liberalism--i.e. "humanitarian interventionism," radical egalitarianism, multiculturalism, anti-White racism, and gender deconstruction--will all be considerably weakened.
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