The mainstream media were treading on dangerous ground when they started pushing the "fake news" meme a few weeks ago—rather like a whore dying from AIDs and syphilis recommending chastity. 

Now their chickens have come home to roost after President Trump in his first press conference turned on a "reporter" from one of main Lügenpresse (lying press) outfits—CNN—and called his organisation "fake news" to his face. Even better was the way everybody clapped in total agreement.


This was in the wake of CNN reporting ludicrous stories created by trolls on Reddit that Trump had "hired a group of prostitutes to defile the Moscow hotel room where the Obamas slept" by getting them to piss on the bed. (I doubt that was even necessary as Obama is clearly a bed-wetter anyway.)

Any idiot could tell that was dreamt up by some porn-addicted teenager in his own bedroom, but the filth at CNN decided to run with it anyway.

In a true democracy the power of the media should be especially held to account, as it has become one of the main means of distorting power in the interests of a tiny globalist elite. Trump is set to do just that for the next 8 years. Let's face it companies like CNN are simply not going to survive the next 8 years.
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