In a rotting corpse maggots do well.
Some have called them rats leaving a sinking ship, but a better analogy would be fleas jumping off a drowning rat. 

For the past few years MPs like Tristram Hunt and Jamie Reed have been the acceptable face of the UK's Labour Party—young, intelligent, and looking like actual human beings, rather than trainspotters, morgue attendants, or pedophiles. 

As long as these MPs remained the Labour Party could still pretend it was a party for normal human beings. But, as the Party, under Ed Milliband and now Jeremy Corbyn, has veered ever leftwards into unelectability, these talented and presentable MPs have seen their career prospects fade and shrivel as Leftist troglodytes have come to dominate the party. 

Following the resignation of Jamie Reed from the party last month, triggering a tricky by-election that UKIP have a good chance of winning, Hunt has now thrown in the towel in order to take a job outside politics, as reported by the BBC:
"Labour MP Tristram Hunt is quitting as an MP to become the director of London's Victoria and Albert Museum, triggering a by-election. Mr Hunt, a critic of Jeremy Corbyn, said he did not want to 'rock the boat' but had the chance 'to have one of the greatest museum jobs in the world'... Mr Hunt told local party members he had been frustrated about how Labour should respond to political shockwaves. In a letter to them explaining his decision, he said being an MP had been 'both deeply rewarding and intensely frustrating."
...or in other words, "F**k you, you bunch of losers. See you in Hell. I've found a sweet little number, so no reason to shackle my future to the corpse of a dead party."

Speculation is now rife about which other "bright young things" will jump ship, with some reports saying a dozen more young, presentable MPs are poised to make a move. 

Labour is clearly a party on a rapid downward spiral, and its desperation is starting to show in odd and unusual ways. In recent days leader Corbyn has made noises supportive of Brexit and even started talking about immigration restriction. 

Such crass and insincere opportunism from a party that has been trying to destroy Britain and its indigenous working class since the 1990s is the surest sign that the Party is about to collapse.
Jamie Reed and Tristram Hunt have seen the writing on the wall.

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