Milo holds up a picture of a famous male athlete.
The Alt-Right was reeling in shock today, after one of its top leaders, Milo Yiannopoulos, a gay, Jewish Breitbart editor who has often expressed a fondness for Black cock and boasted how good he is as sucking dicks, was revealed to be actually gay.

The moral panic spread through Twitter and several other social media sites, as stunned Alt-Righters stopped shitposting and trolling for up to five minutes to take on board the full enormity of the news that Milo was not the strong, upstanding, cisgender heterosexual that he had been successfully presenting himself as for so long.
"There is no mistake. These words have not been taken out of context. Milo is in fact a gay," one Twitter user with a made-up name told his following of fellow socks. 
Well-known Alt-Right vloggers quickly uploaded videos in which they denounced Milo's deception. 
"I have tried to make excuses for Milo," one of them commented. "But there is simply no getting away from the fact that he is gay. I had come to support Milo because I fully agreed with his position on sexual relationships between young boys and mature men, but to then find out that he is actually a gay was too much for me to handle. I think I will take the scars of this with me to my grave."
Milo tried to defend himself by saying he had slipped on a bar of soap and landed inside the other man by mistake.
"Clearly I am not gay," he said, as he toyed playfully with a pearl necklace round his neck while spanking himself gently with a riding crop. "If these rumours get any worse I will have turn to bestiality to clear my name."
A disappointed member of the Alt-Right asks for his money back after buying tickets for the
"Dangerous Faggot Tour."
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