Stock image of a mad judge.
Anti-Trump federal judge James Robart has used his position to put millions of Americans in danger from Islamic terrorism, after vetoing Trump's executive order banning travel into the USA from seven Muslim countries. 

It demonstrates again the Left's complete disregard for human life in favour of personal vendettas and politics based upon nihilistic dystopianism.

The Seattle judge has ruled that the President has no authority in this matter over individual state rulings. He had previously vetoed Trump's ban pending a challenge by Democrat attorney Bob Ferguson.

Judge Robart was appointed to his position by former President George W Bush, which shows how both Republicans and Democrats are conspiring against Trump and how far left the Republicans have shifted. One remembers that the Republicans, in any case, always represented a classical liberal philosophy.

Qatar Airlines has already issued a statement saying they will board all documented passengers.

Robarts, a prime example of the "Cuckface" in the latter stages of its pointless life. 

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