Without support from Donald Trump, (Dylan) Roosh could be "banged" up like this.
Let us be very clear: Donald Trump was not supposed to win. Everything was stacked against him, including the entire mainstream media. Not a single newspaper endorsed him.

Although he tapped into something deep and important in the American people, there was every possibility that his message would be stifled. The reason it wasn't was because of the Alt-Right and our active army of bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, Tweeters, shitposters, memers, and others working tirelessly through social media to get his message past the globalist gatekeepers.

In short, Donald Trump owes us, and through him the American people owe us BIGLY!

But since the election, Alt-Righters have faced an onslaught. The Leftist Globalists have been using their control of corporate social media (Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) to clamp down on the Alt-Right. 

Twitter has been especially bad, locking or deleting hundreds of accounts purely for political reasons. People have also lost jobs and money or been physically attacked for having not just Alt-Right views, but non-Leftist views. We have also seen the encouragement of violence against the Alt-Right allowed on social media. 

Yet President Trump has done nothing to counter this attack on his base, according to manosphere "rapey kebab" and Alt-Right fellow-traveller Roosh V. 

In a recent video, commenting on the Milo Yianopoulos fake pedophilia controversy, Roosh asked: 
Where is Donald Trump?...Does Donald Trump realize that they are going to play whack-a-mole games with everyone of his main supporters? Does he understand that? Does he understand that in four years when he wants to run for reelection that there's going to be none of us left? We're going to be 'no-platformed,' we're going to be shamed into exile, or killed. I mean there's not going to be anyone to support him left. So I hope he understands...We can't fight the globalist establishment on our own, so where is he? I mean there's not going to be any of us left to help him keep his power. I mean that's why we put him into office. We put him into office so that we don't have to deal with this shit. But we're still dealing with it. Where is he? ...Milo did a lot of work to get people to vote for him. You know, he is personally responsible for his college tour, for tens of thousands of young votes, critical votes. Where is Trump now?"

Trump may be busy with a lot of important issues, but the propaganda war also has to be fought. Without defending freedom of speech and, more importantly, freedom of platform, the Alt-Right, because of its non-institutional nature, is vulnerable to attacks from corporate social media. 

Roosh has identified a very important issue for both the Alt-Right and Donald Trump, possibly even the most important issue.
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