Moonlight: a Black, watery "Brokeback Mountain."

Moonlight, the film that just won the "best picture" Oscar and two other Oscars, has been getting rave reviews from Jewish and White liberal film reviewers -- of coursh! 

Apparently they can't get enough of the beautifully shot "coming of AIDs" drama about a sensitive, young Black man growing up to discover he is basically Milo Yiannopoulos trapped inside a Black man's body. 

The film is also being lauded as a major breakthrough for Black film makers, who remain "tragically underrepresented" in Jewish-dominated Hollywood, although none of the film's producers are Black.  

But Blacks themselves are less impressed with Moonlight. Top Black actor Samuel L. Jackson dismissed the movie as obvious "Oscar bait," while more thoughtful Black commentators, like Kushite Prince of the "We wuz Kangz" blog Kushite Prince have highlighted the film's attack on Black masculinity and its promotion of degrading and disempowering stereotypes.
"I knew that if white critics loved it the film must have some type of black degradation in it," Kushite Prince wrote. "It has to promote one of the following: black criminals, black whores, drug addiction, interracial sex, lesbians, homosexuality and black self destruction.  It’s always a pattern with black films promoted by the white media. Just like the horrible film Precious that promoted nothing but black death and destruction.  So when I saw the trailer….I knew I was right. This is more black pathology...This should not be surprising at all." 
This film is nothing but a "black gay coming of age” film. The racist white media promotes these type of films and give them awards because it supports THEIR agenda. They want to redefine black manhood and masculinity. They want to reshape us from being warriors and protectors of our neighborhood…into being homosexuals, queers and cross dressers...These type of films are an insult to our intelligence.  Also the films stars Mahershala Ali, Naomie Harris,Janelle Monae and Ashton Sanders.  And Naomie Harris plays the crack addicted mother.  You know the drug abuse always has to be there in a black film right?  This is just more Hollywood propaganda."
There you have it, the authentic voice of the Black people, Kushite Prince, a Black film reviewer who hasn't been bought by the system and who smells a rat. Support Black people, hate Moonlight!
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